Fernando Rivas
Front-End Developer

CVA Consulting

I worked with a team developing a Moodle based platform that delivered digital books to schools and colleges. The books allow communication between teachers and students, with grading capabilities, interactive activities, follow up of each student, collaborative activities where the students can work in teams.

My main job consisted in developing the styles and UI for the books, adapting them to the design the client provides me. I worked remotely as part of a distributed team, we work under the SCRUM framework and use JIRA as task management tool and kanban boards platform. GIT for version control and delivery.

The last image for example is an activity named newspaper, where the students have to work in team to publish a newspaper with articles, photos, etc. I was given the initial design then built the styles and then the interface with had many challenges starting with the fact that I had to follow the exact desing, then the UI needed image uploading, different newspaper templates, HTML editor capabilities.

Main technologies I use are HTML5 , SCSS, Javascript (amd), jQuery, Bootstrap, Mustache templates and PHP, some Grunt as well. On the SCSS side I use many of its advanced features such as variables for theming, and mixins or functions to optimise code size and avoid repeating.

A live demo of the product can be seen here.